Design and build | Think of us as your one-stop shop
Traditionally, a project design and fit out involves managing and coordinating umpteen sub-contractors. It’s a nightmare. First, you’ve got to find all the right people. Then, the juggling act begins. One contractor can’t start work until the other finishes. Each one has a slightly different take on your design. Sometimes, they just can’t get along. It’s all time and money down the drain. We do things differently.

We define concept. We design. We deliver.
We do everything from needs discussion, concept define to design, implementation and beyond – and you only need one dedicated contact for the whole process. If you do not have a very strong team of experts that are very experienced to manage the process, then looks like design and build approach is something you need to avoid a nightmare.

Advantages of design and build approach
* Faster
* Better communication and coordination
* Cheaper
For those reasons, over 90% of projects done by Giahu Corp. is design and build.