The International  Hospital Vu Anh was built follow the model of modern Hospital Facilities with 200 beds, on the 10000 square meter building area, in the broad, green and peaceful area. All rooms in the patient treatment at International  Hospital Vu Anh are built under the "5-star hotel" standard  with the single unit which was designed with full of natural light, a comfortable bathroom and toilet, and equiped a bed or sofa for relative who stay overnight with patients.
All patient rooms are equipped with TV, Internet connection, alarm nurse call center, phone system, wall cabinets for clothing, adornment. All beds are equipped with oxygen supply systems and medical compression air.
To the costumers coming to Vu Anh hospital will be immediately attracted by the luxurious and warmth of the space. Patients surely feel at ease with the luxurious beauty as well as a private and warm atmosphere brought by the interior space. They feel leisure and comfortable when stay here.
Hospital has 12 VIP room and 2 first class for patient who need. A tidy Vip room was designed with simple sofa is directed toward a garden. Furniture is decorated impressively to widen view toward the garden as well as to bring the green into f indoor space. 

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