Project: Tous Les Jours
Items: Construction
Location: 180 Hai Ba Trung St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Completion Time: 2007

The shop is located at Hai Ba Trung and Dien Bien Phu intersection, one of the busiest business sections in Ho Chi Minh City. With that “sensitive location”, the designers wish to create an “outstanding point”. Thanks to the harmonious combination between raw and modern material, the building is simple style but impressive. These main ideas brought the differences and the originality to Tous Les Jours’s interior space.
The interior space has a plain look with simple and available materials such as: wood, stone, and so on bring people peaceful and relaxed space.
By using the language of architecture, designers wish to bring staff an active and friendly working environment. To the customers, the special lines, colors and materials of Tous Les Jours brand made them feel familiar and beloved.
To the costumers coming to Tous Les Jours at the first time will be immediately attracted by the luxurious and warmth of the shop’s ground floor. Wall plates made from clear glass become more sparkling and more romantic thanks to skillful hands of designers in light arrangement. Customers surely feel at ease with the luxurious beauty as well as a private and warm atmosphere brought by the interior space.
  Light are carefully considered for the interior space of diferent areas with  different function, expansive for the coffee area, warm for greeting area, flexible for  the  selling area and light  at  the leisure area .

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