Project: F1 Rotary Hot Pot
Items: Construction
Location: Hoang Thap Plaza Building, Binh Chanh Dist, HCM City, Vietnam
Developer: Nam Son Company
Completion time: 2011
Located at 2nd floor Hoang Thapl Plaza - Binh Chanh Dist,  HCM - F1 Rotary hot pot Restaurant is built on the campus of 1,200 m2 and is the largest hot pot conveyor Vietnam length 126m record held by Vietnam (Vietbooks) awarded. With this record conveyor, F1 is capable of serving 320 diners at the same time, More over F1  has 10 private rooms system to serve the customers needs its own space and still enjoy the cozy full rich in dishes

New restaurant-style cuisine with elegance and delicious cuisine comfortable space, close to nature. In addition to conveyor systems in the house, where there are conveyor systems with open space and outdoor airy impression.

F1 Rotary Hot Pot is eating hot pot buffet style, guests sit down to eat only, free up their own menu, comfortable food choices run the carousel and enjoy unlimited. The introduction of F1 Rotary Hot Pot has brought diners the cuisine  with traditional style in modern life.

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