Project: Lotus Mui Ne Resort
Items: Design
Location: Mui Ne, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Completion time: 2009

The resort name suggests a feeling of freedom, precarious and soaring as it bears the name of locality where it is located: Lotus Mui Ne Resort. This is a coastal region near Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province, where the terrain varies widely. Especially, the emerging stone beds scattering from the inland area towards the water
The resort complex appears from afar with a reception house and hotel block lying across the sand hill occupying the resort’s front view as a symbolic landscape design with a welcome impression.
Clusters of bungalows are casually scattered over the slope, giving an attractive and unique space. An exposed view from the central reception house toward the ocean has linked the central lawn field, the swimming pool, restaurant and sea terrace. Of these, the large green grass field sloping at the viewing angle is an important total concept detail, being a focal point for the entire architectural composition.
But it is not easy to indulge the desire to introduce the luxurious materials, very elegant, into an interior space of a resort with the required standards of luxury, the design has been studied very precisely to withstand the coastal region’s harsh climate. Resolving this contradiction is a challenge for the designers.

For the groups of deluxe bungalows as well as the deluxe room, the interior atmosphere seems more peaceful with cold hues and stripe patterns  on a white background, reminding of a taste of the serene Mediterranean. With fresh and dark green stripes cloth, in harmony with dark wood color, the interior space is sunk into a deep ocean. Combining dark loom with modern-looking furniture, the interior of deluxe bungalows offers a space: luxurious and simple but welcoming and precise.

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