LED Recessed lighting
Interior Design Trends 2012: Eco-Friendly Design–After this week’s #IntDesignerChat via Twitter full of awesome designers and industry personas, we decided to take to our blog and discuss the current topic, eco-friendly and sustainable design. Current times and modern trends are focusing more and more on minimizing one’s carbon footprint by ditching energy-consuming lighting and appliances, excessive waste, and non-recyclable materials. We live in a time and society that has made going green super trendy and equally affordable.
LED Lit Modern Bedroom
LED lighting is all the rage when it comes to modern interior design. Gone are the days of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, and today, we are focusing on beautiful fixtures that will cut costs, live-longer, and save the planet. Isn’t that what we all want eventually? LED lights are coming in array of beautiful fixtures that add a soft touch to home lighting mixed with the pro-longed lifespan that these puppies have outlasting regular bulbs by years!
Eco – friendly Bamboo Bedroom
Another hot trend is incorporating recycled materials or vintage finds into home decor. Wood fixtures and flooring are a definite target when it comes to revamping the sustainable home, whether you’re rockin’ the recycled oak, teak, bamboo, or drift. Not only are these great materials for going green but have a sense of history that outshines the modern-day veneer finishes of common wooden fixtures and staples.
Eco – friendly Office Space
Vintage and antique finds are prime example of reusing the already existing pieces of furniture and decorative items that have a true sense of life. Incorporating such finds are an easy way to boast true one-of-a-kind pieces that will have all of your house guests turning heads in pure wonder. Nothing screams unique fashion, design, and style like vintage and antique decor!
Eco – friendly Recycle Cardboard Interior

Eco – friendly Modern Drop Chandelier

Eco – friendly Recycled Wood Bookcase

Solar – Powerd LED Deck

LED Modern Lighting Fixture
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