Everything which is made by wood can give the warm sense and comfortable look. Besides that, the wood offers Natural, inter-twining, flowing and aesthetically pleasing blend of shades sense. And it is no needs much to be done to make it more appealing when using as material in one place. The best this is, wood is never out to date. Maybe, that was inspired Kata Inc from Japan to design this showroom.

Entering the shop, we will see all wood in floor and walls. The door and furnishes are made by wood. But, it does not make this showroom look old or so traditional. In contradiction, this place looks fashionable and has young sense which is suitable with their products. Most of people who come to this shop are young people, because the products are fashion stuffs for them. And the choice, to use wood as main material, is the right thing. Because, it makes this place be unique and different. And absolutely the young people love to be unique and different.