Interior Design

Change your current office design to a Feng Shui office layout when you feel like you work and your career are not progressing. If you don't believe in Feng Shui, look at it this way: it certainly can't hurt.
A Feng Shui Office Layout Guide
One of the reasons why you are not progressing at work could be from stagnant Chi. Chi, is best described as the flow of life force or vital energy that surrounds us. The basic principle of Chi it that everything in existence is believed to have, and is connected by, this vital life force. How does this relate to your work? You work Chi is blocked. Change the interior design of your office to a Feng Shui office layout and let the Chi flow.

Feng Shui Desk Placement
• Move your desk into a "command position" in your office. Here's how you do it:
1. Position your desk so that you are facing the door and there is a wall behind you. Do not place it directly in front of the door, this places you directly in the path of Sha, also know as bad Chi.
2. If you cannot change the position of your desk, place a plant either on the floor by your desk or a smaller plant on top of your desk. This will help to block the Sha from reaching you and your work.
3. Hang a picture of a landscape on the wall behind you - This will give you the supportive Chi you need to be more productive and successful at work.
• Get Organized - This is an absolute must. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Clutter also blocks the flow of positive Chi.
1. Clear everything off your desk that you do not use regularly or do not need.
2. Clean out your filing cabinet - Throw away any paperwork that you do not need or is considered useless.
3. File away paperwork you still need - Storing unneeded paperwork creates clutter. Use this same principle for paperwork you rarely use.
4. Place all sharp objects in desk drawers - Some common examples: sharpened pencils, scissors, staple removers and if you have a cactus in your office, take it out. Cacti do not promote the flow of positive Chi because they are sharp and pointed plants.
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