Interior Design

Located on Insurgentes Avenue in Mexico City, Mexico, the San Pablo Group Corporate Offices are a colorful and playful space. The interior was designed by Space Architecture and it was completed in March 2011. As you enter you reach an open reception area flanked by two stained-glass windows with colorful and abstract graphics. As you advance you reach the focal point of this area, a green wall featuring the company’s logo.

The reception area leads to a long hallway that connects and separates two large rooms. These spaces feature playful and colorful interior decors with fun graphics on the walls. The atmosphere inside is casual and relaxed and they have an airy, bright and open design. Each room features a different décor and seems to have its own personality. It’s a feature that separates them from all the other spaces and helps you distinguish them.

The intensity of the lighting is yet another element that helps generate different atmospheres and that gives unique identities to each work area and each room. Each area has views towards the exterior and thus beneficiates from natural light. The offices also include, besides the actual work areas, a series of recreational spaces where workers can relax, clear their heads and then go back to work with a fresh mind. This is definitely modern approach that focuses on efficiency and on making the work environment as pleasant as possible.
Giahu Corp.