Interior Design

It is a hotel with theme black and white in the whole of room designed by Ministry of Design. This hotel is located in Singapore named The Club. This hotel has 22 rooms clearly unique, a sky bar roof with alfresco deck and destination F&B with tapas bar ground floor. The floor and some wall especially in the bath room are designed like chess and it make you feel like king and queen who authorize all of the rooms.
The bedroom is completed with comfortable bed, unique and modern furniture. All the things inside the room looks matching in order to the guests feel cozy stay in the room. Every thing both inside and outside the hotel is neat. All rooms combine traditional and modern design, it is excellent combination in one roof. You will get different artwork in the whole rooms. The hotel chose MOD in designing the artwork and local artists famous Wynlyn Tan implemented them at hotel.
The hotel have conservation area and business center, regions F&B, Lobby Lounge, Bars Tapas, and 2 space functions private. Jane Yeo is the person who designed that room. If you are interested with this design visit Ministry of Design site to make over your room and click The Club for further information about the hotel.


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