Interior Design

One would expect a fluorescent facade but instead the new nhow Berlin (the first opened in Via Tortona in Milan), the designer hotel by psychedelic star Karim Rashid for the Spanish hotel chain NH, displays its strong colors, bright contrasts and rounded forms only when you go inside. The hotel is a cream-colored box-shaped base topped by an asphalt- gray platform whose underside reflects the Spree river upon which it overlooks – an architectural structure reaching up towards the sky whose form makes me want to dive from the terrace into the waters below.

The definition of nhow Berlin: "a lifestyle hotel with a special focus on music." For Rashid, a DJ himself, music and color are the only elements that can convey mood, "Colors are life, colors can arouse emotions; they can reach straight to the soul and influence our psyche. I think color is one of the most fascinating phenomena in our existence. Similarly, music is an essential part of my creative process, moving my passions, letting me focus on my work, find inspiration, dream, imagine. Colors and music are pure euphoria."

The new nhow Berlin speaks of color and music. It is the only hotel in Europe to offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy two recording studios similar to the ones that professionals use. And if you want to organize a private concert or practice in your room, just call the front desk, and a guitar – electric or acoustic – will be delivered to your room in minutes like a gin-and-tonic.

With an intense program of art and design exhibits as well as a huge spa with steam room, state-of-the-art gyms and delicious healthy cuisine, music complements the services of this temporary refuge for creativity that combines the qualities of a hotel designed for world nomads, who cannot renounce their needs, with the requirements of the most visionary and creative guests. Because staying in a hotel, even just for one night, is an exceptional experience which must speak the language of comfort and well-being. Like any self-respecting new hotel, nhow is equipped with the most innovative technologies: flat screen TVs that disappear behind curtains, shower enclosures with changing colored lights, eco-treated wood flooring, sensor lighting and, of course, wi-fi connections in all the rooms. "Elevate Your Stay" is the hotel's slogan. Located in the heart of the city within walking distance of Berlin's major tourist and cultural attractions (Sony Centre, Television Tower and Red Town Hall), nhow wants to position itself as one of the most glamorous venues for international concerts and events.

The new nhow Berlin is not the first total-look hotel by Karim Rashid. Years ago, the Egyptian-born designer designed the Athens Semiramis – the pride of Yes Hotels, the chain owned by Greek collector Dakis Joannou. Regarding total-look, Rashid said: "My artistic vision is not possible without an overall concept and an understanding of technology, materials, fabrics, scenography – without neglecting the" basic needs "of those who experience space in a sensual and emotional way. Design surrounds us and seeks to involve us on all levels; design re-imagines the world in which we live to discover new languages. I often wonder if the real world is itself a seductive, connective and inspirational experience, and if it is as flexible to our needs as the digital world. What I wanted to do at nohw Berlin was to create a space where the all the digital information of my aesthetic world could coexist."

Creating excellence even with limited budgets is one of the many challenges that animates Karim Rashid's entire career. Nhow Berlin is a singular project whose 304 rooms, available at rates ranging from 170 to 275 euro per night, will be revealed to the public on November 15. There will be parties and music whose decibels will reach the entire city from the waters of the Spree. Maria Cristina Didero.

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